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Coat Sizing

As a unisex brand, we totally get our sizing is unique! We find one of the biggest reasons for sizing up, is needing more wiggle room in the shoulder/arms!. When using our Size Guide, we suggest taking your largest measurement (hips or chest) to pick

Hoods, Shawls and Kid SpiritHoods Products

Are all one size fits all and unisex! :)

What Is The Age Range Of Your Products?

SpiritHoods designs are made for all ages! All SpiritHoods are 100% Unisex and made faux everyone!

Adult Original Hood & Shawl Design

Can fit 9 years - Eternity

SpiritHoods Kids Hoods

Typically fit Ages 3- 8 years old and can fit 9-10-year-olds depending on their height! Also Some Juniors can fit into Adults XXS & XS Coats and jackets.

How does original SpiritHood hat designs with scarfs and paws fit?

These are "Hoods" and do not fit like most hats.  The difference is a loose comfortable fit as opposed to an elastic headband of a typical hat or beanie.  They have a button on the front to ensure your hood stays on, and they also double as a scarf t

Are SpiritHoods Products Unisex?

Every product is made faux everyone. The products sold in our men's and women's collections are the exact same products. With that in mind it doesn’ matter where you purchase on the website, you will receive the same size & fit regardless of the coll

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